Dance . . .  
Thirteen Years in Media World Modern Dance Course by SETC Institute, one of the best in West Bengal, permanent and reliable Organisation.

Course Duration
24 months, twice any week (certificate course registered by Central Govt).

Dance Course
  Western Creative Jazz
  Filmi Non Filmi  
  Hip Hop Locking & Poping  
  Salsa Bollywood  

Richa, Rozy, Gourav, Litu, Bapan & Other Dance Choreographer.

Our Students Work With
SETC home production Dance Shows and other reputed Dance Shows, Music Video, Music Album and etc.

Dance Course Fee
Form Charge - 200/-
1st Time in Admission (500 + 300) = 800/-
23 months installment (23 X 500) = 15,000/-

Class Time
Monday & Wednesday : 3 pm - 5 pm / 5 pm - 7 pm / 7 pm - 9 pm

(South) : Saturday & Sunday :1.00 pm - 3.00 pm
Do you Desire to be a Celebrity of Dance World ? Please Contact us. Take training from Dance Choreographers, Celebrities and get chance in Dance Shows, Music Video, Various Stage Shows, Modern Music Album & Various Stage Troups.
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